Montag, 6. Juli 2020

CT Tags for Vi Nina & Wicked Princess
played with the lovely tube "Jill"
Object on separate layer 900 x1400
Close-up tube, 13 colors for dress, 2 colors for flower
available here

used the stunning matching kit "Tantalizing Tryst" by Wicked Princess
kit has 100 Elements - 10 Frames - 10 Papers & it is on sale now 35% off
found here

Tags for Nina & Shani

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2020

CT Tags for Pink Paradox Productions
Played with the cool kit "Solar Flare" 
Kit has 200 Elements, 15 Frames and 45 Papers and it is on sale now - 40% off
available here

used the Tube "Ice Lolly" by Verymany 
available here

and in 2nd tag "Patriot Fire" by Arthur Crowe
available here

Tags for Carrie

CT Tags for Laguna & Pink Paradox Productions 
played with the lovely new tube "Mouse and Cheeseburger"
+ color variants of the hat, apron and towel + 2 close ups
+ cheeseburger, apron, towel, hat, flag, flowers and background
available here

used the lovely Kit "Bon Appetit"
Kit has 155 Elements, 14 Frames & 30 Papers and it is on sale now 40% off
available  here

Tags for Laguna & Carrie

Freitag, 3. Juli 2020

CT Tags for Doodle By Design
played with the wonderful new Kit "Summer Blues"
Kit has 152 Elements, 8 Frames, 20 Papers & 3 Wordart & it is on sale now 30% off
available here

paired it up with the lovely matching Tube "Leona" by Alex Prihodko
found here

Tags for Lizzy & Alex

Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2020

CT Tags Lysisange & Kizzed By Kelz
with the beautiful patriotic tube "Maryna" by Lysisange
multilayerd tube in 4 variations
available here

paired her up with the wonderful new kit "Chico" by Kizzed By Kelz
available here

Tags for Lysisange & Kelly